Neon Sign Repair - McHenry County

Neon Sign Repair – McHenry County Illinois – Fast repair on all types of signage both indoor and outdoor. Serving Northern Illinois for over 40 years.

Neon Sign Repair – McHenry County

For over 40 years, Nu Glo has been delivering the highest quality signage and expert sign service and repair here in the Lake County, Kenosha County and McHenry County area.

Neon Signs are a business favorite. They are not only beautiful, they are also attention grabbing. Neon works both outside and inside modern workspaces, bars, restaurants and more.

Some of the most common kinds of business signs, neon signs, can be seen all over Northern Illinois. We specialize in repairing neon signs, as well as all types of signage.

Neon Sign Repair in McHenry County Illinois

Neon Sign Repair In McHenry County – All Signage Repaired

If your business sign has seen better days, contact the friendly professionals at Nu Go Sign Company in Lake County Illinois, Family owned since 1982, we have more experience in crafting new signage and repairing existing signage than any other sign company in Northern Illinois, including;

  • Neon
  • LED
  • Channel Letterssigns in grayslake illinois
  • Cabinet
  • Pole
  • Pylon Signs
  • Front LitĀ 
  • Back Lit
  • Light BoxRestaurant, Pub and Bar Signs - Lake County Illinois 3
  • Halo Lit
  • Illuminated Pole Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Electronic LED Messages
  • Panel Signs
  • Dimensional Lettering
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Mu Glo Sign - Fast neon sign repair in Lake County Illinois And More

Nu Glo Sign is a full service, quality-oriented, family-owned company that strives to fulfill the needs of each of our valued clients. We design, fabricate, install, and service numerous sign types used in commercial, industrial, and architectural applications throughout Northern Illinois.

And by offering innovative designs, top notch performance, and value oriented pricing, Nu Glo has been a leader in the Illinois sign industry for over 40 years.

Neon Sign Experts in Northern Illinois

Neon signs provide a eye-catching, nostalgic look, and are a popular fixture for many businesses here in Northern Illinois. Is yours one of them? Nu Glo technicians are trained to provide the finest service when it comes to these types of signs. Whether you need a re-charge, a repair, or a replacement, we get the job done!

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CellĀ 847-417-2342


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